I am Dr. J. Rodney Shelley. I have been in practice since 1976, been a consultant to other health care practitioners, written a couple of books on Nutritional Therapy, produced some educational videos. I am the founder of the Nutritional Essentials Group. We provide various services to the health care community which all support the integration of whole food concentrates from Standard Process into your practice and make it fun and easy to do. We are a consulting service that provides private consultations, offers group training in the form of conference calls and the service The Nutritional Essentials – Issues Anewsletter and educationsystem for the office.

Every successful athlete has a coach. Those athletes that are the highest achievers have many coaches; Fitness, Strategy, Mental Focus, Finance and how to handle the public.

These “coaches” are most often highly experienced in the fields they support, one time athletes themselves, but who have a special gift for helping others. This special gift creates a mutual exchange of advice, trust, goal setting and problem solving that enables these top performers to get on the "top-of-their-game" and stay there.

My questions to you: 

  • Are you at the top of your game? 
  • Would you like to get there? 

Choosing the right coach, mentor, master-mind group, consultant may be the only thing that can get you and keep you at the "top-of-your-game". That's because most often we cannot see ourselves in such a way we can improve our selves.

Ever wonder: 

  • Why practice seems so stressful? 
  • Where all the new patients are? 
  • When are patients going to follow through with my recommendations? 

The answers to these questions are rooted in the Essentials of practice success. If you would like to help more people, more effectively, with less effort, less stress and MORE FUN! You may be ready to make the COMMITMENT to MASTERY!

Commitment to Mastery - Is a personalized program for your success. You and I get together on a regular basis - not in big seminars, not in group sessions, but one-on-one. Our Commitment to Mastery Program helps you better Fulfill Your Noble Purpose. Ethics, morals, right mindedness, right actions, consistent, effective communication with patients, family and staff - is your key to success. Together we accomplish this in a step-by-step program customized for your particular needs.

We start with what YOUR goals are, what YOUR as yet unfulfilled dreams are. My job as your “coach” is to help you fulfill YOUR purpose at a higher level with less stress, not to install my system in your office. I want to help you commit to mastery of your world. Together this can be accomplished!

I have very few clients - we take time together regularly. Perhaps this is the program that brings it all together for you. Are you ready to make a Commitment to Mastery? Give me a call or make an appointment at our online appointment manager and we will take the first step together to help you achieve at your highest level.

Your brother in our noble service.


Dr. J. Rodney Shelley